Porcelain fused to metal crowns, also known as caps, slide over teeth to hide misshapen, misalignment, cracks, discoloration, or other imperfections. Crowns decrease physical discomfort in teeth, look completely natural, and offer extra support to those that are weak or damaged. They can also vastly improve the overall appearance of your smile and make your teeth much more durable.

Cosmetic crowns offer all of the protection of a crown, with the added benefit of a more natural presentation. All ceramic crowns (EMax, Procera, Bruxzir, etc.), use a technology that achieves a natural look never thought possible. Each type of restoration has its own unique benefits that allows us to place the best long-term option for each individual situation.

The ceramic crowns offer high-strength, all-ceramic, metal-free restoration. The new technology with an extraordinarily translucent zirconia framework, with custom colored porcelain overlay provides a highly estethic restoration.
 ceramic crowns
The E-Max crown is made from lithium disilicate ceramic: this is a top grade material which has been harvested for its toughness, durability and aesthetic, natural looking qualities which makes it a highly prized crown.There is no metal alloy base with this crown which means no unsightly looking gray line around the gum line.
E-max crown