IFWhile Dr. Mohr provides outstanding treatment for damaged or decayed teeth, our goal is to help our patients
avoid such problems in the first place. To that end, our office maintains a strong commitment to preventive dentistry. We encourage our patients to maintain a schedule of regular exams and cleanings that is based on each individual’s needs. Patients with certain conditions such as advanced gum disease should schedule exams more frequently as recommended.

We emphasize home care as your first line of defense for maintaining a healthy smile. Our goal
is to team up with you to improve your overall health. During your regular visits to our office, we will gently and thoroughly clean your teeth and gums. We also perform an oral cancer exam, a full examination of teeth and supporting structures, and a review of your overall dental health.

With regular exams we have a much better chance of identifying and correcting small dental problems before they develop into larger, more extensive dental issues. Dr. Mohr encourages you to share any concerns you may have with him, so he can recommend the best solution and treatment for you.