IFIn keeping with our commitment to bringing the latest advances in dental technology to our patients, our office chooses to use the soft tissue laser — a gentler, bladeless alternative to the surgical scalpel — to provide laser periodontal therapy, or laser soft tissue therapy for healthy gum treatment. Thanks to the advanced care made possible with this technology, you can have more comfort, less bleeding, and faster healing.

Laser periodontal therapy is available and is performed by our dental hygienist, who is certified as a laser therapist. Laser therapy encompasses a number of periodontal procedures, including treatment of periodontal or gum disease (the leading cause of adult tooth loss).

Dr. Mohr uses laser treatment for frenectomies, biopsies, and gingival recontouring. Gingival recontouring is frequently performed as part of a cosmetic smile makeover to provide optimal aesthetic results and minimize the degree to which the smile appears “gummy.”